If the church is a body…


Here we are…Compensating for each other. Pulling to the right or the left when there is a strain, when someone isn’t pulling their weight. The hand must patch up the knee that is bleeding from the stumble over sin. The back that is sagging from the the age, from the burden bearing; the core muscles have to toughen up to bear the sway from being too great. That hand that stopped typing, let those with the the golden tongue encourage. The vocal cords, let them sing, let them praise.

I wish I was a part of the spine. Strong. Holding things together.

Or perhaps an important part of the brain. The medulla. The frontal lobe. Practical. Wise.

I would not mind being a muscle. Those with the strong arms who do the heavy lifting. Those that serve without any fan fair.

Or even the heel. Calloused enough to walk the hard road. Though, lets be honest, perhaps the church has more than it’s fair share of heels. Mostly we need to be softer.

But no. My only hope now, that I am just a tiny bit of the heart. A single cell perhaps? A piece of the valve that blows open when the spirit shocks. The one who hears the sudden whoosh and makes it poetry and art. The one who whispers quiet in the night when things seem dark and all hope it lost. Keeps the rhythm of the maker. I want to be the one stilll finding all the beauty there in the dark. Find me in the blood and the gore, the mire and the muck. Find me in my own brokenness still naming you saint.


10 thoughts on “If the church is a body…

  1. Your way with words in this post were so eloquent, and they blessed me so. I once wrote a post about being a “toe” – something small and inconsequential perhaps. But I learned how necessary a toe is when I nearly broke mine. At the end of the day, I just want to be a part of the Body of Christ that contributes to the well-being of the whole.


    • Yes Sharon! It is making me so sad how many people have emailed me as the perceive themselves as an inconsequential or disposable piece of the body…There àre NO spare parts! Thanks so much for your beautiful encouragement Sharon!

  2. Thank you for refreshing & encouraging my heart once again. What a blessing you are to my day. I can keep going with joy in my heart for who HE created and gifted me to be. Bless you.

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