Beauty Hunters


There were people out in the woods the other day. They were calling a name. That happens out here, dogs take themselves for a walk sometimes, they love to accompany the deer, join a gang of rogue mutts. This was different though, there was an urgency about the call, the name was “Lawson”. Did a child wander out into my woods? I got dressed, headed out in the direction of the voices but by the time I arrived, all was quiet. I could not find a way to help.

Last night a fire truck went by. You cannot know how many coyotes are at your door until that happens. It seemed like every tree turned into a coyote, the whole forest howled.

It smells like smoke today. I keep checking the horizon for licking flames. The breeze seems pregnant with catastrophe. It is hard to read the news, I just can’t absorb anymore of it.

It is an act of will to bring that gut feeling into submission. To focus on helping and healing and hope. To find a way to join with the light bringers and hope mongers and grace addicts. Today I choose to join them. Today, see me beauty hunting, watching the sun set in all red and calling it beautiful. See me kneeling in prayer, with assurance of things hoped for. See me, in the nitty gritty of it all still at peace.

(Join me in a beauty hunt today? Find the helpers, the healers, the beauty and the hope. Really notice it. Really see it. #beautyhunt)

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