Some days they eat you alive, don’t they? You are sure you are just dry bones…do you hear me creak? I wait for the breath…warm wind over me..I know all it will take is a soft breeze.

Some weeks you feast. I received three hand written notes in my mailbox…a bag full of notes on the stage. I feel like a glutton for all the ways I was loved this week. I feel bloated on it, puffed up, I will be saving that for days when I am starving. Some weeks we won’t forget. Thanks for all of you who were a part of it. You cannot know the ways it protected me. We are are responsible for each other…you know this? The way we encourage. Lets not forget about that.

My boy he said at bedtime last week that a kid from school had no dad. Another had a mean dad. He said, this boy of mine, with all his energy and attitude “I think it is just cause he has no hope”. I think thats it. Please God…let my theology boil down to this. Next time I am starving and my bones rattle and all I hear is my own voice of failure…remind me? How did I forget my hope?


We are in a hotel this weekend. The man is out at a conference. The kids
and I…we hit the water slide till we could no longer walk. We bought fedoras and smoothies and we ate popcorn in bed and watched cartoons and all the things…are just too good.


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