Taking Care


Did you notice that coffee mug? How it fits just so in your two cupped hands.
The way those trees would break like crystals, bound in diamonds even if you didn’t pull over the car to take another picture?

Have you ever nearly drove your car into the ditch for trying to identify that bird of prey? The way it molts all white. Is it a snowy owl? I’m not sure. But I got awful close.

It is in the table set. The feet under it. The broken bread that makes us remember. The dishes laid out in the just-so. Did you hear the I love you whisper from those plates?

It’s in the small where the metaphors form up. The way I plant that herb garden. Put it in my make shift greenhouse. The way the things slowly glow. Let us magnify the shining Light onto the seeds planted. It is the most and the least we can do.

I see it in the way we listen. What is it we hear?
I see it in the way we slow to the pace of those beside us. What is it you learn when you keep step with someone?

I am careless. A hurricane.

Lord, teach me to tend the garden, the souls, the life before me. Let me not rush, no matter what is to come next. Let me live into the depths of my life, experience the whole of it. Let it never be said of me that I blew past all the gifts with all my fury.

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