Sea Glass and Other Treasures

Just over there where the tide roles they light fires. The garbage from the day, the tourist trash. The glass bottles shatter on the bottom of the ocean here in the Gulf of Thailand. All of it dragged out to sea the burned up and the broken. We collect the treasure left behind, the sea glass and the shattered and dead shells. See that, how the sand of it runs through your fingers?

The days they just slip sometimes don’t they? Sqaundered on the small or discontent moments. The legacy we wished we were leaving or the things we wish to be to other people eclipsed because we just cannot quell the selfish…how it wants you to really see me. All the wish we hads or the too much pain or the heaviest heart.
But I won’t trade it.
I rise up…back arched in the breaking waves. I wonder how many times you can do that in a life? Bath in the salt water of tears pinned to the bottom by the crashing waves?
But then. There you are…the rock solid core smashed apart, shrunk down and tumbled. Only the core left, that place there right around your heart, the ‘made in the image piece’. Your failures are guaranteed, your flesh already failing you. So can’t we then stop forgetting our dim reflections? Please, can’t we have permission to do the next tiny and glory laden thing? Forget about the magnificient things…they are built from your daily work, one on top of the other. Faithful with sand, seeing the profound beauty in it.
You can burn me down, break me up, tumble me on the bottom…just as long as I find myself smooth in Your hands…

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