Country Chronicles: What I’m Into March 2013

I’m into the church services that leave me speechless. Spell bound. Dissolved. I’m into the grief and the celebration of living in community. In one day I prayed with nearly weds and prayed for a wounded one. Life is like that when we tear down some fences. I’m into hanging out in the back where the story is still developing, where the mother grieving a lost son escapes to, where the boys with ADD hang out. 

Photo cred...Phil Collins

Photo cred…Phil Collins

I am into the bird calls returning, the woodpecker back. I’m into the stellar jays and the robins fighting and the swallows nesting in my bird house. I’m into the mallard pair who nest in the pond each spring and the way earth smells when it thaws.


 I am into her blond curls blowing in the spring winds and her dusty rose dress. I am into his construction projects, her endless art. I’m into the dams they build in the creek, the mud they sling, the trail they leave across my floor (well, ok I’m not exactly ‘into’ that, but it is what I am doing). 

wpid-20130401_124523.jpgI am into the sun finally creeping in through filthy windows and the motivation to get stuff done. I’m into cleaning out shelves, turning round furniture.wpid-20130402_191624.jpg

I’m into this book. There will be more to come on it (and I’ll even give away a copy) but it is feeding into my leanings and I am excited about it. I am back into Game of Thrones though I put it down for a time. I am into reading about marriage again and what it means and how to do it better. I’m into figuring this motherhood thing out, finding a rhythm wherein I still feel like myself. I’m into the poets, finding my attention span short. I think Mary Oliver and I would make fine friends. 




I am into feet gathered under my table, spring sun heating our backs. I’m into any excuse I can find to use fresh basil, tomatoes and reduced balsamic vinegar. I’m into risotto, salmon lettuce wraps, black bean salad, chicken fajita soup.


What about you? What is on your ‘best of’ list for March??? On the prowl for some new music…suggestions????

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10 thoughts on “Country Chronicles: What I’m Into March 2013

  1. Absolutely loved this blog. I am into my “ergo carrier” these days. It frees me to go on many adventures and be more relaxed and get down on one knee (carrying Blake) and engaging in play with Li.

  2. Game of Thrones, pardon my french, PISSES ME OFF. You get very involved with the characters and after a few books the author CHANGES THE SUBJECT and starts talking about COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. I have so many unresolved issues, thank you very much, that apparently will NEVER BE RESOLVED. Just, um, warning you.

  3. I love your writing! I’m listening to alot of new-to-me music these days. I don’t know your tastes, but I’m loving the folks sounds of The Paper Kites, and folk/acoustic duo Elenowen. I’m also loving an album of tribute songs to John Denver -with artists like Dave Matthews, Amos Lee, Brandi Carlile & Emmylou Harris. (The Music Is You – The Music of John Denver). Also a big fan of Mumford & Sons new album & All Sons & Daughter’s album ‘The Longing’. Hope some of those recommendations are to your liking – enjoyed reading your blog at Leigh’s linkup 🙂

  4. I love the way you express yourself Melissa, I love the poetry of your words. I would give you music suggestions – haha – but most people don’t dig what i dig – ie classical/ piano. I am really enjoying “the gifts of imperfection” right now.

  5. I love the way you’ve written this! Your writing voice is so strong, it makes me want to stop and peruse your blog awhile. I’m also going to check out the recipes you linked to- they sound amazing.

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

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