Tell me of your HOPE: A Link Up

Tell me about the forest you see, all the pine standing tall; from here all I’ve seen is her broken limbs and I can’t seem to look past.

Just for today lets talk more like saints than saved cynics. Tell me how YOU hope?


Tell me then what lights your dark? What makes you keep walking when you really want to lay down? Tell me of that moment of beauty that reminded you of God?

Tell me about your FAITH, the unsullied theology of your children, how the sun glints in their hair. Lets talk about where you watched the sunset last night and the colour of Sky Writer. Lets talk about the kingdom coming, how you feel it in your bones. Today I don’t want to hear the rocks crying out, I need you to say it too.

Tell me about your BRAVERY, how you do the difficult things, love the hard people, draw the firm lines. Lets talk about the steadfast ones, the everyday heroes, the women breathing justice, the men standing up for the underdog. These are things I need to learn.

Tell me about your LOVE so pure, it keeps your heart in check. Lets talk about the marriages standing strong or being restored, the parents sacrificing greatly, the churches living as one. These are the tales we need to tell.

Tell me about your MIRACLES, the prophesy fulfilled, the promise kept. Give me news of the sick healed, the broken bound, the depraved purified. I want no more of the scar tissue and torment, I’ve had my share of that.

Tell me about the STEADFAST ones, standing up to all the quitters. Lets talk more about the everyday heroes who keep getting back up, keep living their call, keep seeing the forest despite all the broken trees. I want a vision like that.

Tell me about your PEACE, your hope beyond the grave. Lets talk about the angels in human skin that help you believe it still. Lets talk about your deep drawn breath the way you aren’t afraid. Teach me how to breathe like that and to turn from fear that binds.

Tell me of the friends so good, the hearts so pure, a love so genuine. Lets tell of hope together today.

No really…TELL ME! Leave a comment, write a blog and link it back! I even made my first little linky-thingy

Lets tell each other truth today shall we? A little bit of extra hope never hurt anyone.

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24 thoughts on “Tell me of your HOPE: A Link Up

    • I SEE IT! This is my first try with a ‘linky’ and I guess I choose one that keeps them a little hidden! You have to click the linky thing and it is in there! Thanks so much! That love story is FULL OF HOPE!

  1. Oh Melissa. Once again…

    Today I found hope, joy and reminders of HIS love in the sharing of details from our RUSH weekend!! Such a profound sense of something with great heavenly value taking place!!

  2. My “hope” for today… watching a friend just new in faith discovering how to hear God for herself… our amazing God alive in us and in people surrounding us. Oh how I love the way He works! ❤

  3. Melissa, I love the way you write! I read many of your posts – I linked my blog post… not sure I should have or if it worked – but I so enjoy your vulnerability and your honesty, I felt compelled to share. Thank you for sharing yourself with such openness.

    • KERRI! I was spellbound thank you so much for sharing. And yes sister…I think that is where HOPE really dwells. I am so excited to read you…you are an amazing writer (as my dad has said EVERY time your name has come up in conversation for the past ten years!!!!).

  4. Wow Fedderson…! I would tell you about my pure love, or steadfast faith but feel that I cannot claim that I love as purely as I would like or be faithful steadfastly!;)
    However I know that the only way I can come close to any of those things is through the love and intervention of Jesus Christ in my life. So…. Hope- my hope comes when I feel my six year old son hold on tightly to my hand and quietly say ,’ I love being here as a family mom’. I am sorrowful that my hope had bounds- when I arrived in Santa Cruz and reAlised my best friend growing up had become a believer and I had stopped praying mOnths ago. I was sorrowful but then that filled my heart and brain with incredulity at gods goodness and detail. There is much to hope for- like even though India is overrun by people, in the monsoon it is overrun by the verdant moss and vines that cover the buildings and cause people to have to ‘explore ‘ through there doorways. For me this hope….xxx keep it up
    There is much more but.. I am not the blogger

  5. Thanks for this post Melissa!!!

    You have my heart all fluttery and anxious to share and hear from these others too! I was even trying to snoop to find the links to other blogs…it’s like I’m addicted to hearing the good news of how God is weaving and building.

    Today I found some hope here…

    This morning one of my young girls was having a major meltdown and I was completely done with her inability to be an adult – and as my thoughts were all about being mad and frustrated and all patience was gone. Suddenly, in came this LOVE that took over my heart. God filled me with a deep deep knowing that my girl was His girl – this love was the love He had for her. My heart flipped and suddenly I was praying for her instead of shooting lasers of “buck up buttercup” out of my eyes.

    Are you kidding me God….Can you really be this good? This present? This faithful to a tired mom in the middle of an everyday moment?

    It is times like these that fill me with HOPE and FAITH and prepare me for the ones that need BRAVE.

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