Country Chronicles: The Big Chill

Chill has set in this last couple days…we don’t mind because we hope the rink will soon be skateable. We had the first blades on it last weekend but it wasn’t actually quite ready.ImageThe kids have been loving the extreme amount of snow we got earlier this week. E isn’t quite as keen as the snow is well above her waist and she gets tired. The boy, keen on jumping off structures into snow piles, lasts much longer. He also figured out how to attach a head lamp to his sledding helmet, so his post dinner GT sessions are lasting extraordinarily long.

ImageSam is digging the snow too…the more snow, the more plowing and that is one of his favorite things.

ImageThe cold has also burned off all the cloud and the the blue skies next to this much snow has made things just extraordinarily beautiful up here! Image

I’ve had some fun kitchen experiments too lately. Have you made marshmallows before? SO MUCH FUN! And easy if you have a good mixer.


Also made these fish tacos with homemade wraps and guacamole. STUPID delish. I also did another super cook before heading back to work.

Anyways…stay warm today! Enjoy!


1 thought on “Country Chronicles: The Big Chill

  1. Just six months ago, my husband and I moved to the mountains. And I agree, when the sun comes out and shines blue on all that glittery white snow – it is a thing to behold!!


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