Five Minute Friday: Graceful


Her hair smells like energy and wildness and faith. She wraps herself around me demanding, always, all of me. She can’t deal with my distraction or lack of passion or dormancy. This girl? She is going to call me out. She is going to ask me hard questions, she is going to  live life in fullness. She is going to want me in the midst of it with her. She reads me like a book this one…when I am irritated, when I am happy, what she needs to do to sway me either way. She is teaching me to be real…she won’t let me get away with mediocrity. She has no time for my self loathing…she picks it up, wears it as her very own cloak. I must find a way to toss that aside.



Toss it aside and put on Grace, be defined by it. Be wholly dwelling in it. A woman who walks in it, who draws it from others, helps them to feel it,  find it, believe it. For you E…I would learn it for you.

I am going to need every ounce I can claim.  You and me? There are adventures to be had. Excited to be the mamma that leads you where I know you are being called to go. Even if it scares me to the utter end of myself…you truly are your daddys girl. And of all the hidden dreams in this here heart…my greatest is for you to be a grace dweller. Easy on yourself…easy on the world…Fearless….GRACEFUL.




6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Graceful

  1. Beautifully said. It moves me, and I hope I’ll get inspired by it. I have a hard time finding grace and the one who’s going to confront me with that fact is well on the way. I’ll keep your post in mind.

  2. I love this! My daughter is full of life like her father, too, and I’ve sometimes been nervous about how the two of us will grow together. Thankfully, it happens slowly, so we can learn together. The whole piece is lovely, but that first paragraph came out swinging. Well done 🙂

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