What is saving my life right now…

I am ABSOLUTELY stealing this prompt idea from Sarah Bessey. Please don’t give me any creative credence. She wrote “When I re-read a book recently, and the author wrote about how she was supposed to speak at an event, and when she asked which topic they would like to here her expound upon, they said, well, just tell us what is saving your life right now.”

So without further ado…WHAT IS SAVING MY LIFE RIGHT NOW



The beauty of the sunset falling so heavy it makes me ache. Two beloveds in my lap. Madeline L’Engle. The Psalms. Sunsets. Deck dates. A.A. Milne. Jesus Storybook Bible. Fresh berries from fruit stands. The things they say (a 5 and a 3…the funniest). Burrowing Owl. Quiet. Silence. Stillness. Cars, princesses, sprinklers, sidewalk chalk. Long baths. Digging out. Making plans. Picking weeds. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Clean floors (for this single moment at least). A shortening to do list. Grace; learning to receive it, wear it, walk in it, live in it.

And as week three of camp winds down and we see the light of daddy returning…always…always…the hardest days…So also? Saving my life? Jake and the Neverland Pirates.


How about you? What ordinary miracle helped you out today?


4 thoughts on “What is saving my life right now…

  1. long live Jake and scully…that’s the parrots name right? i’m never coherent enough before coffee to even remember their names! 🙂 love your list, your heart, your words.

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