It was in the airport that it really got to me.

The people next to me in their matching mission trip t-shirts. Those that would come to this land cloaked with a pity that serves to only disenfranchise people further. Those that would come with simple solutions for the worlds most complex problems, those exactly like me.

Suddenly and without warning my whole body cringed. I wondered,

“What do you think you are doing here?”

Mercifully the paleness of my skin illuminated the plank in my eye.

So Kenya? I just wanted to tell you something. I know there is nothing about you that needs rescuing by a doofus like me. I am here hoping that the brokenness in you and the brokenness in me can come together to do something that looks like kingdom work. That Jesus can weave us into something beautiful. I’m dreaming that my time with you might just loosen the white knuckle grip that I hold to the material. Perhaps in that I will someday be able to climb through that needle hole.

I’m imagining my conversation with Emily someday when she is 14 and full of teenage self-righteousness, questioning my integrity in the face of famines past I will be able to say I stood beside you.

But today? I am just here to listen to what you have to teach me.


And just a note? We started reading “When Helping Hurts” by Corbett and Fikkert. It is an extraordinary read. Not just for the traveling in the majority world but for EVERYONE. SO good.

Learn about the communities we are visiting here. We will visit Garba Tulla (a new project just a year into development) as well as Masharu (a village that is 12 years into its World Vision development cycle).

You can follow our Flickr photo stream here.

Or sponsor a child from Garba Tulla here!

We will do our best to update this blog frequently as well! See all World Vision related posts here.


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