Thankful. Here. Now.

It is the kind of day where you walk into the bathroom and think “Oh no…what happened here?!” only to realize that you are smelling bleach. The problem?  That chlorine smell and the smell of bodily fluids are all mixed up in your head. We are ten days into smelling those smells at the same time…they are becoming one.

I’m realizing how sleep deprivation can be a form of torture.

And still, One Thousand things to be thankful for.

Today? Just taking a stroll around the house, and giving thanks for the

641) Listening to this…Thanks again Ferogie for the chance to see live Friday night…

642) Washing Machines…that it works and that I can see it (which means nothing has got puked on for at least an hour)

643) Sun streaming in windows

644) Finally rest…

645) Quiet play

646) Slipping outside for a moment to hang sheets…seeing this…

647) And actually…a day sunny enough, breezy enough to speed the washing process!

648) My front porch is looking awfully adorable this fall day.

649) Popsicle sticks on the coffee table (signs of fluids in)

650) And just one more cup of coffee…

There is beauty in the most ordinary of days…What have you found so far today???

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