Hard Work

I’ve been more heat than Light lately. Isn’t that what always happens when one spins too fast? I’ve felt myself slipping into patterns I thought I abandoned long ago. Feeling my sarcasm bite harder, my impatience roar more often, my passion dwindle.

So I’ve been getting back to the hard work of soul tending, of Jesus chasing. When the work is deep? Right down in the base of my heart? The words don’t find their way here. They stay in the leather bound.

Its about Ezekial and Hosea…betrayal and first love…and I have needed to step back from public words for a awhile.

Today I needed only this:

Stand in awe,
and sin not….

and be still.


Psalm 4:4

I thought maybe you did too.





Hoping to catch up with Emily and some friends I haven’t read in ages…

2 thoughts on “Hard Work

  1. oh girl I totally relate.
    I was about to have a whole post on it and something else came up and I went a different way.
    I pray for something else to come up so you to can go a different way.
    But just to let you know…I totally hear ya!

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