When it comes down to the wire, most of us end up in a four walled room, painted all white. If we are lucky we get an eggshell mattress and rolled over as needed. When we find ourselves in this place, we suddenly see plain and true where we invested our lives. The stories told at bedside, the people who are drawn to you, the photos framed around you. No matter what else you had in life, it all comes down to where you had your treasure invested.

This week I am just so grateful to find myself in a legacy. Adventure loving man and his wife who kept the cogs and wheels in place while he was part of fantastical tales. Thankful for thousands of belly laughs so deep and breathtaking we thought it might be the end of our red-faced grandfather. Thankful for the lessons in hard work and business (that time we got in such trouble for watching tv on a beautiful day). Thankful for the inspiration of seeing the best in each day, for each piece of pie being the ‘best he ever had’. Thankful he taught me to love a good story (grateful the stories were good as we heard them once or twice ;-)). Thankful to see a family come through strong despite (or because of) a slightly gypsy lifestyle…   perhaps a bit like the one we are living. Thankful for strong hands that held on tight, sometimes too tight when he got to laughing. Thankful he still looked for the love of his life even fifteen years after she passed. Thankful for a gift he passed along of enormous integrity, unwavering character, unfailing optimism.

Grateful for 98 good years. For peaceful breath until it stopped. For extraordinary daughters at his side.

Love you Pappa G.

7 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Thanks for your sentiments Melissa- it was wonderful to have you and Michelle there with us.. Love you… aunt Darlene and Uncle Bob

  2. Love this post. What a tribute to your grandpa. Sorry to hear about his passing. Love the photo, it gave me tears. ❤

  3. I can’t read the end, as my eyes are full of tears. My heart goes out you to and your family, esspecially your mama. Big hugs. Beautiful words Melis!

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