Funsies: Things I’m Loving in June



LOVE this website…what a fascinating experiment. This blog is collecting photos and summaries of what people would take with them out of their burning houses. This morning I submitted the above photo and my details. What would you take out of your burning house? Please comment! I’d love to hear!

Other things I’m loving these days:

  • I bought myself earrings at the Farmers Market. Oh how I love the Farmers Market in June! Flowers, strawberries, balloon animals. Its wonderful. My children love it too and I think it is how we are supposed to go shopping. I rarely feel like jumping in front of trucks when I am there (now Walmart is another story entirely).
  • This cook book! SO GOOD! Thanks Missy Jayne!
  • Castanet dog section. Three years before O was born I bought a dog. Now my baby is almost three and I’m looking at them again. Coincidence? Maybe…or it could be that bear I saw. These are supposed to be the leading breed in bear prevention…and how cute is he?
  • I finally got my porch set up this late and rainy spring. My porch is my favorite thing about my house. I bought new cushions and door mat with my birthday money (thanks Mamma and Pappa Fed!) and Joel found the rug in the youth office (if it is yours please claim it ;-). J came home with the lanterns and vase for my birthday…what a guy!

  • Friends…old and new. Hockey parties, patio parties, play dates…Feelin’ the love this week.

  • Team Aylard is on Canadian soil. TEAM AYLARD IS ON CANADIAN SOIL. I can hardly breathe I am so excited!!!!!
  • There is finally things blooming in my yard! SO fun to see what blooms in the spring when you move into a new house!

What are you loving in June? What would you grab first from a burning house????

2 thoughts on “Funsies: Things I’m Loving in June

  1. Fun list of spring delights. I love farmer’s markets also, I should find one in our new town, hmmm. On my way out of my burning house, given the chance, I would grab the kids of course, my computer, Bible, camera, and jewelry box.

  2. Burning house…..hmmm family and pets, books from my bedside table ,Journals, photos and hard drive full of photos, my Christmas decor and the kids rubbermaids full of their old art and keepsakes oh and Grandma and Grandpa blue.

    I better have an hour warning so I’d have time to grab it all !!

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