When you are a little ‘testy’

It just took over an hour to get my kids to sleep.

If anyone else says/types “just saying” in my presence, I will punch them. I know this is going to set off some sort of craze thinking its witty to say that around me. It isn’t. I will stop liking you.

I have a serious issue today with my computer. It is driving me buck wild.

I may be the most social, socially awkward person. Thus making me the most awkward person I know. I am not coming down from my cabin in the woods ever again.

My house is a disaster.

I can’t spell. Or think of anything interesting to say.

I feel like a really bad mother today. I told my son I would return the new shovel I bought him to the store. Or break it in half if he didn’t go to sleep. Oh boy. Super fail.

Yowser. Time to get that old thought life under control isn’t it?

Thankful today for:

619) Loving him everyday

620) A GREAT church family camping weekend

621) Getting dressed up for work, having a great meeting, feeling like a functional person for the first time in ages…

622) That they choose to hold hands in a crowd

623) Day off family hikes and explorations (in her celebratory Jets jersey)

624) Discoveries

625) Sunset play

626) First sports

627) First sleepover

628) Big girl bed, big girl pants. GULP. Crib is in the basement. TEAR.

629) Cuddle with sweet baby Mae to remind me that there will always be babies to cuddle…even if they are not mine.

630) A radio/cd player in the new vehicle. Oh boy such bliss.

631) Hot, hot, hot! Summer finally here? I know, I know spring would have been nice but I will take whatever I can get!!!

632) Cool evening breezes.

633) Dirty feet, scabs and a 7 foot pile of laundry. Evidence of a childhood memories made.

634) Umbrellas.

635) The look on his face as he set out on his first highway motor bike ride. Bliss.

Much better. Time to tackle the laundry and disastrous house.


3 thoughts on “When you are a little ‘testy’

  1. I think I had a similar parenting kind of day. Lost my cool. Start fresh tomorrow.
    Ps. Uncle Jerry likes the Jets Hoodie!!

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