Like Weeds

The grass grew up long these last seven days and turned itself to green. Dandelions sprouted up and speckle the lawn and other bright yellow flowers dot the hillsides. The herb garden doubled in size and the whole forest seemed to wake from hibernation and is lush and green.

Even with all this change, its nothing like them. The way they say new things like “Good Golly Miss Molly”. The way the two of them looked six feet tall as I stumbled down the concourse eyes all blurry.

Seven days flew by for me. I felt like I was gone a blink and yet somehow I’m Rip Van Winkle and missed a whole season. And I know that I’m dramatic and these little people are better for my absence and I’m better for it too. I say this only to remind myself not to blink and not to take a single breath for granted because these little people are growing faster than any weed I know.

Thankful this Monday for:

606) Going away

607) Coming home

608) Marrying into a really amazing family

609) Fun adventures

610) A week of reckless irresponsibility

611) Snorkels, fins, masks and an ocean full of extravagant beauty

612)  Time alone with this guy

613) Coming home to kids who keep saying “When Gummy and Pappa were here we….” and all of it is joy laced. THANKS.

614) REST

615) Little faces at the arrival gate

616) 4 more days till the conference. YIKES.

617) Back to a real life even sweeter than holidays…Missed my kids too much.

618) Watching my kids dance at a wedding last night. Thinking of the parents who watched their kids get married, knowing better than to take these short and precious days for granted.

Visit others who keep their eyes wide for the gifts here:

5 thoughts on “Like Weeds

  1. amazing how quickly things change. seems like i was just changing diapers and now it’s time to buy the older a CAR. glad you could get away and return afresh to your littles. who are growing like weeds!

  2. Kaylah is responsible for “Good Golly Miss Molly” and Gummy kept it going……….I hacked Dad’s FB and that was Kaylah’s comment. Glad we could contribute to your childs vocab. 😉

    I am looking forward to seeing more of the vacay pictures too !

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