Playing with Fiction

I am taking a fiction writing course at the university. Its one of those things that I don’t really know why I’m doing it. I sit next to these MFA’s and journalists and I feel dreadfully inept. I laughed at myself for other reasons too. 1) I am not educated enough, not brilliant enough to be a decent fiction writer 2) I love GOOD fiction way too much to ever write cheesy Christian, or weird Christian historical fiction (seriously what is the DEAL?).  3) Seriously…does everyone in my generation think they should get to write a book? We really need to get over ourselves.

So perhaps a waste of time and money…save the fact that I LOVE IT. So…I am not going to learn to sew or play tennis or run marathons instead I am going to have a hobby. Welcome to it! My teacher has told me I am not allowed to write ‘bloggishly’ whilst doing my writing practice (30-60 minutes a day) so you poor souls are therefore subject to my class homework. This week we settled in on settings (well…and scene, exposition and summary). Here is a scene from a short story I am working on.


“I did it again” was all the text message had read. It was enough, for now here I was, flying down the highway much too fast for a road this wet, for puddles this deep. I imagined the puddles ahead of me, the ones I would find at Leas house. Those puddles would be red, would be thick and would be deep. I press the pedal closer to the floor and I know I am tempting fate. “Police officer, are you there? Come this way! Save me from myself. Save me from my savior complex. From her. Get in between us.” There must be someone better equipped to deal with this than I. Lea, she knows all about the ‘establishment’; hospitals and foster care. She knows about all of it and trusts none of it, no one. No one that is, save me.

I arrive at one am and feel my way along the stucco of the town house that she calls home. Lea leases a bedroom from a school teacher with whom she shares a kitchen . I push open the sliding glass door around the back side of the house and  I note it is ajar; she knew I would come. The room smells faintly of cat litter and pain. There are no photos in this room, no books. There is no left behind scent of food, no throw blankets on the black sofa. If you had told me that I was looking at a vacant suite I would have believed you.

“Lea, Lea, are you here”

“Yes. I’m here.” The voice, weaker than usual, fragile like glass, trails back. Fear creeps up my throat. I pause at the threshold, prepare for what my eyes might find.

(weak I know…its 11:45 ok? Lay off. I’m tired.)

13 thoughts on “Playing with Fiction

  1. you’ve got me wanting more! do YOU know what will happen next? i know that some writers have an idea and others let it unfold before their very eyes….

    • Thanks Kendal! I’ve written most of the rest of it and just did the setting part as my writing exercise last night! It was a quick, unedited thing. I don’t really know why I posted except that I didn’t want to miss out on the Imperfect Prose community!
      Thanks for being so lovely and encouraging!

  2. Aaa ha!!! I knew that ‘homework’ you had the other day looked suspicious!! Way to go! I can’t wait to read more… by the way don’t let me forget I have an interview I want you to read – two new authors interviewing each other – too embarrassing to mention here where I found it…. hee hee!

  3. Good start! There definitely is something there that has me wanting to know more.

    And something doesn’t have to have a ‘Christian’ label slapped on it to speak of God and heart and love and change. Write what’s in your heart and skip the cheesy Christian historical fiction. Some of us are also bored with it and waiting for better books to come along. 😉

    • Yes Rea you are right! It just seems current Christian publishing houses have let there focus become so narrow, so deliberate that it leaves the reader out…treats them like they are stupid and need the theme overtly explained. It drives me crazy!

  4. “I love GOOD fiction way too much to ever write cheesy Christian, or weird Christian historical fiction (seriously what is the DEAL?).”

    I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Maybe you will turn the tide on all the stupidity that’s coming out. =)

  5. I think I have the same question. What happens next? And hey, thanks for sharing your homework with me. I like being let into your life even if it is sharin’ homework.

  6. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking that class. Well, you’re probably done with the class now, but still, it’s treat! I totally know what you mean about cheesy, Christian fiction. I get annoyed with it too. But, I shouldn’t speak too loudly since I am trying my hand at fiction. Still not sure it’s my thing, but it’s fun to play around.

    I think your writing is great. I’m so glad you decided to link it up and share it with us. Thank you!

  7. This is excellent! Looking forward to reading more. That class sounds like so much fun. I get to take some elective courses for my degree soon. I may see if my school offers a similar course.

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