Dancing Cousins

Little mimics big and they dance like no one is looking but I can’t stop. These little women, full of grace. This one of mine with each step a dance, each word a song, she makes music in my heart…

They concentrate and they squeeze every bit of bliss from this dance. It goes on and on and on and the joy keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Oh to embrace each moment just like this…to be fully alive, fully engaged, fully present. To partake of each of the blessings as I’m in the midst of them. No straining forward no reaching back, no questioning myself or feeling shame for this much joy.

No…today I make room for gratitude for the moment…and the joy goes on and on.

574) First ‘ribbit’ of the season

575) Kites flying

576) Throwing rocks in a creek

577) Bikes. I prefer the types without motors but how can I resist how excited he is? He has his learners liscence…any spare prayers you got kicking around are appreciated.

578) Evening visitors

579) Spring flowers on my window ledge

580) Sunshine

581) Sunshine  in little curls

582) Ending the day with city lights…They’ve been hard to see this long, cloudy winter!

1 thought on “Dancing Cousins

  1. The picture of Emily dancing LOOKS JUST LIKE YOU DID !!! Even the expression is one of yours!!

    PS…… Joel looks hot on his bike, just sayin…

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