Funsies: Valentine Edition

Happy WEEKEND! I’m so excited to have my man to myself and that we even get to go on a date tonight! Yahoo!

We are giving Local a try. Has anyone eaten there? I read about their focus on local, seasonal ingredients and have been trying to find an excuse to go there!!!

I want these.

These are the Valentines we made for O’s preschool this year. I can hardly wait to give them out!!!

Once they are printed on photo paper, we will slit the paper above and below his hand and put a lollipop in. Adorable right? I stole the idea from here.

This is a really pretty, idea filled blog. I decided I liked it with this sentence, “Who doesn’t like pretty stationery? I think your lame if you don’t”. SOLD

ADORABLE free printables!

Original illustrations for kids available for free downloads?! Are you kidding me? I love creative people.

OR how about this way to contribute to an amazing organization and send beautiful ecards to the ones you love! This is the organization that Lamont Hiebert cofounded.

I tried to do a Valentines Photo shoot for daddy’s present. It didn’t work. I tried all day and finally convinced them after the sun went down and the light was poor. It turned into a game of keep away:

There was also lots of this:

and this:

Maybe we’ll do better next year. Till then hope that this weekend and all year is filled with pretty things and LOVE!

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