Snow Day

The kids are still sleeping. The coffee is made. The snow is falling like thick blankets and the air is dense with fog. I just read we’ve nearly broken snow fall records. I’ve already made the decision to stay mountain bound this morning and so we nestle in for the day.

My brain has been stuck on random lately. One thousand different directions. I can’t write a full-page without wandering off. I can’t articulate a complete prayer. I can’t finish cleaning my kitchen…or my bedroom. I can’t even let my husband complete a full sentence without interrupting him. Today I am taking a refocus day.

Quiet. Peaceful. Slow.

Some days you just need to be stop. To let your brain rest on the most important things. To breathe in gratitude instead of ‘should’. To sit quiet book in hand instead of racing off. To finally make peace with the foe of the master closet…order there might translate to order in my head? Lets all hope so. I’m driving my husband wild.

475) Snow day

476) Skype dates with TWO of my favorite women

477) A two-year old that responds to every question in one of four ways: 1) No Way 2) You Bet! 3) 5 mints (when she is stalling to go to bed. Holding her hand up to me ‘talk to the hand style’) 4) Meow

478) Registering for a fun spring course

479) Girl time

480) Snow plows

481) Watching my kids rock out to the African children’s choir.

482) Patches of sun light

483) Seeing my closet floor

484) Unpacking my last. moving. box.

485) Too good dinner

486) Watching life spring up where I didn’t know there was deadness

487) Little buddies

488) An interesting read.

489) Those 15 minutes when all my laundry was clean and put away…

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6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. This grandma looked at today’s post with the grandkids on my knee. They very much enjoyed seeing O & E here & in your 365 project. Nice to stay in touch this way.

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