Funsies (Video Hits Edition)

It is the weekend but my kids are STILL SICK. If I have to miss anything else fun, I’m throwing a chair (or myself) out the window. Not really. But seriously…

I did make it out to the square dance last night and thoroughly embarrassed myself with too much exuberance. Being in the house, with sick kids, for one full month, will do that to you.  Thanks to all who came and donated! I think we brought in about $1500! If you couldn’t make it but still want to donate to our awesome friends doing awesome things click here. They could really use some support right now.

While I’ve been at home, I’ve been sucked into this! As if I needed more places online to waste my life.

Steve Hubert is in a movie? I didn’t know that! This is just the trailer, let me know if you can find a way to watch it! Looks like he would be HILARIOUS.

Joined a book club with the old ‘hood girls. Pretty excited by the selection. Also excited for this book to arrive!

New favorites.

Did you know that Joel Thiessen makes films? Did you know he just shot one at the SECRET CABIN!? With emerging (and excellent) Canadian artist named Pat LePoidevin? Super great song.

The conference promo vid for RUSH. These kids are crazy cats. Also love this…it is one of my favorite youth videos in a long time. Oh boy.

I hadn’t seen this video of the youth camp we run! Pretty great!

My dad sent me this super cute video. (DAD! Looks like that video is from here on National Geographic! They post new vids like that often!)

Anyways…hope you have better things to do than watch videos online. I don’t. But enjoy if you are bored like me!

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