Some fun stuff…

1) We took the kids to their first theatre movie last night. It was 3D! The kids were super cute in their glasses and had a really fun time. Until…the movie started. Then it was too scary. Dang you Disney and your making movies too scary for kids.

2) I made a new friend. She asked me to be her mentor and I don’t really know what that means BUT first and foremost it will mean helping market her fab cd. You can buy it here!

3) I bought the Calvin Klein jeggings at Costco yesterday ($23!). I feel like Liz Lemon.

4) I’m doing this and I’m excited!

5) How fun an idea is Project 365! A picture a day all year! I’ve really enjoyed other friends doing this so am copying!

6) I’m currently recruiting women from WPC to participate in ‘Generations Night’ for February. Interested? Please comment below or email me!

How about you? Any wonderful, interesting or fabulous things you noticed this week?


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