The Beast of Marriage

July 3, 1999

I don’t know much about this beast of marriage. How it writhes and moans under the thumb of submission. How man is to give life as Christ loved the church, the bride, sacrificial and generous, a bowed reed. How woman is to submit to this gentleness, this other focussed love. How she is to sacrifice and pin that beast down.

It’s a constant struggle. Just when I think I’ve got it immobilized and bound, she raises her ugly head. She is strong this marriage beast and she will eat you alive if you leave her unattended.

In this last decade we have learned what stirs her up, what makes the hair on her back bristle, what environments and situations make her foam at the mouth. We learn, but we are forgetful and sometimes she bites us just to remind us that she needs to be tended to. That she will not be domesticated easily.

This beast loves undivided attention. getting taken on adventures, being held in embrace. These things soothe her, make her more manageable. She is always unpredictable though and sometimes even with the very best care, she gets restless, and she chews the bones clean of flesh.

There is only One who can tame her. Only One who can make her heel. Somehow as He tames the beasts within husband and I, this marriage lays quietly between us and keeps our feet warm at night. This is the mystery of two becoming one…

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